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The role-playing genre is one of the currently most popular gaming genres. And why not when you are free to do anything in a fantasy world? There are many RPG games out there, but Gacha Nebula is getting a lot of praise these days. 

Gacha Nebula is an RPG game based on the old Gacha Club game. Its objective is almost the same but has several updates that will even hook towards the game. The game has all the features that an RPG game lover wants. 

Even in the short time of its release, the game is available on multiple platforms. In this article, we will discuss the all-new Gacha Nebula game.

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What is Gacha Nebula?

Gacha Nebula is a fun to play RPG game. It is based on the popular Gahca Club game but with some updated features. Although, it may require a specific application to run this game. But the new updates make all these efforts worth it.

The game comes with new characters, accessories, and many other new settings. Let’s check all the new features of the game in detail. 

Gacha Nebula Features

As we know this is an RPG game so, you get plenty of customization features. It allows you to create your anime character and use it in different game situations. With the new update, it has over 300 customization features. Here are a few of them:

Character Creation

The Gacha Nebula game is popular for creating anime-like characters. You can build your character from scratch or customize the character already available. It has the option to change the dresses of your anime character and even add a bunch of accessories.

You can customize the character’s body parts like eyes, face, and hair. Moreover, some new emotes have also been added to the Gacha Nebula.


You have all the freedom upon how your character will look. After building the character you can change the complete appearance of the character. From hair, eyes, facial, expression, skin color, and even the face shape you have it all. You can see impressive attention to detail. It has complete editing software for customizing the character.

Studio Mode

Studio Mode is one of the best features of the game. It lets you create a plot you want using up to 10 anime characters. You can create a plot by adding dialogue, a pet, an object, and a background. Everything in the plot is entirely up to you.

Battle Mode

Gacha Nebula comes currently has four battle modes. Each of the modes has a unique challenge to face. The battle mode has a very similar character to the Gacha Club and other games of this series.

Mini Games

The game has a collection of eight different mini-games like Phantom Phoenix and Duck and Dodge. You can explore these games with your characters and also collect diamonds. 


You can design a fun lifestyle for your character by just exploring different places in the game. There are multiple cities where you can spend time.

These were some of the features of the game but it is not just limited to this only. There is much more in the game which you can only know after exploring it.

Gacha Nebula Screenshots

How to Install Gacha Nebula

You can easily install Gacha Nebula on your devices we have given complete instructions of installation as per your device.

Gacha Nebula Android

Gacha Nebula can be easily played on any android device. The game was first only available for Android only. Once you download the apk file. It can be easily installed by just tweaking a few installation settings. 

There are no additional requirements to run the game, once the game is installed, you are all set to play the game. Click here to get complete details of Gacha Nebula for Android.

Gacha Nebula iOS

Gacha Nebula was not available for the iOS users at the start. But now, even iOS users can play the latest mod of their favorite RPG game. The installation on iOS devices is also very straightforward. You don’t have to change any additional settings. You can get more details of Gacha Nebula on iOS from here.

Gacha Nebula PC

The game is also available for windows users. And there are two ways by which you can do this. There is an executable file that you can directly run on your computer. 

The installation is pretty simple just like on any other platform. Moreover, you can also install any emulator and use the android version to play the game. 


Q. What is Gacha Nebula?

Ans. Gacha Nebula is a role-playing game based on the very popular Gacha Club. It is developed by user Noxula.

Q. What is the Difference between Gacha Nebula and Gacha Club?

Ans. Gacha Nebula is an mod of Gacha Club. So, it comes with a lot more customizable features than the original game. However, the gameplay is pretty much the same.

Q. Is Gacha Nebula free?

Ans. Yes, Gacha Nebula is a completely free-to-play game. You just have to install it on your device and start playing. 

Q. What are some special features of Gacha Nebula?

Ans. The main features of Gacha Nebula are its customizable characters, assets, and design. Moreover, it has variety of themes that you can also customize further.

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